Business talk : Evolve Mobility, the latest startup launched in the Vietnamese exciting start up eco-system.

If you believe that relocating to a new country is exciting and holds the promise of new adventure, then Evolve Mobility shares your belief. Evolve Mobility understands that your journey shapes how you evolve in your new country and into the scheme of your life. Read More.

[New law] Thailand smart Visa 

In September 2017, Thailand had made the announcement of its new visa but without specifying a deadline for the date of availability. According to the Thai Cabinet, the availability of this new visa is confirmed for the beginning of the February 2018.  Read More. 

Cooptalis, a global mobility company, opens a branch in Vietnam.

Cooptalis develops and supports international mobility projects for candidates and companies around the world. Undertaking the complete management of mobility projects, the company strives to respect and listen to the needs of new recruits, businesses and local administration. Read more... 

ISHCMC welcomes the new academic year with renovated learning areas

International School Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC) opens the new academic year with renovated learning areas in their current campus located at Vo Truong Toan Street, District 2... Read more.

How to properly choose your health insurance

There you are, comfortably set in your new residence, all boxes opened with its contents already on shelfs and you have found the right school for your children. You still need to choose a health insurance... Read More. 

Interview of Jeanne Triol about Life Project for Life

At the heart of LP4Y lies a deep-seated concern with the catastrophic situation facing a growing number of excluded Youth worldwide. There are currently 1.2 billion Youth aged 15 to 24, 600 millions of whom are living below the poverty threshold. In 2025 their number will reach 1 billion... Read More.

The MAIN Reason Why Global Companies Are Struggling In Vietnam...And Everywhere Else

There are diverse reasons why global companies are struggling in Vietnam and elsewhere in the world but one is above them ALL.
That reason is invisible, intangible but is everywhere at the same time and it is the one that impacts global companies the MOST.The worse is that most of the global companies are not aware of it. So they are keeping on making the same mistakes resulting in costly consequences and not tackling the roots of the problem, allowing it to hit them again and again ... Read More

How to discover Saigon in an unusual and interactive way?

Would you like to discover Saigon in an unusual and interactive way? Once you have settled in your new home and have started to get used to your new environment, you can finally find some time to discover the city ... Read More. 

How to process with your pet relocation ?

How can we prepare the trip of our animals ?
It’s really different between all countries. It’s different in Japan, in Europe, in USA, in Australia … But When you want to move your animals to Vietnam you have to prepare it 4 months before. If you are coming from Taiwan, Australia and Japan, you have to prepare it 6 months before.
Moreover, you have to put ... Read More.

Guide for Foreign Investors on Residential Property Investment in Vietnam.

Vietnam provides a vibrant backdrop for real estate investment as a dynamic and rapidly developing nation. The potential for  Vietnam real estate appreciation is bolstered by strong economic fundamentals such as rising GDP, growing population, and large scale  infrastructure improvements. The key cities in Vietnam are Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Danang ... Read More. 

Choose the best place to begin to live in Vietnam

Finding a place to live is usually the first concern for anyone who has decided to move. For expats in particular, it can be a very stressful part of the relocation process. Because expats are far from their family, friends and country, it becomes especially important that ‘home’ provides a place where they can feel comfortable and safe - a place where they can relax after work, spend time with family and develop the full potential that is required to start a new life in a new country...from Pierre Olivier Maillard, Resident Manager Riverside Serviced Apartments...  Read more.

How to take the headache out of pet relocation to Vietnam

With foreign companies there comes expat employees, their families and not forgetting their pets, which is why we often find relocating pets in Vietnam to be one of the biggest concerns for many families. Brice PROTEAU, Business Development Manager Asia for Invivo, explains us how to take the headache out of pet relocation to Vietnam... Read more.

The trauma of relocation

Moving is traumatic, especially when you've collected decades of memories and "stuff." Damien DELNEGRO, Business Development Manager at ALLIED PICKFORDS, gives us explanations and solutions to prevent that trauma... Read more.

Managing a Vietnamese team: the need to understand the cultural differences in your work environment.

Above the communication differences, managing a Vietnamese team requires to understand the company structure you’re working in. Aymeric PONS, General Director of ERAI Asia, talks about corporate culture in Vietnam and how it can impact international business... Read more.