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Experience Ha Noi old time via his cafes

Coffee was brought to Vietnam by the French, and gradually through time become a very popular beverage. As time goes by, Vietnam became the top coffee exporters in the world, and drinking coffee become a true lifestyle, called the coffee culture. Read more.

8 Delivery Services in Saigon 

When you're stuck in your pyjamas at home, in front of your TV with an empty fridge, the Pho or pizza delivery is not the only option anymore. Today, wether you love a good snack, a hot barbecue, a savory beef or a fresh bowl of pasta, you can get it delivered to your door with a few taps, at the best price. Food delivery services in HCMC are great, so give them a try! Read more.

The Municipal Theatre 

Built by the French at the mid-point of historic rue Catinat, the Municipal Theatre is one Saigon's most iconic landmarks. Western theatre was popular in Saigon from the earliest years of the French colony. For more than a decade after the arrival of the first European settlers, performances by visiting French troupes were held regularly in the Salle de spectacles of the first Governor's Palace, a series of wooden buildings which had been purchased in kit form from Singapore and assembled 1861-1862 for Admiral-Governor Bonard. Read more.

Vietnam and Plastic Pollution

 Today, when you buy something from a store, it is necessary to think about the effects that the product has on the environment. Sometimes we buy products that we do not really need, other times, we buy products with excessive packaging. But these acts have consequences on the environment because they increase the use of plastic and plastic packaging is not always recyclable and pollutes massively. Read more.

Can you do the Asian Squat ? 

While they're waiting for the bus, drinking coffee at the park, playing chess or eating, it's very common to see Asiatic people practice the Asian squat. For those of you who don't know, the Asian squat is when you have both feet on the ground, but touches ankles and knees spread wide. A majority of non-Asians can't do this position. A 2009 study in Japan found that people who found it impossible to deep squat had particularly inflexible ankles. Read more.

Oh crap, I am vegan in Vietnam!

Vietnam is a country famous for its delicious and abundant food, but what about vegan people? It seems that eating vegan is far from a challenge in Vietnam, it is quite the opposite! Read more.

Get married underwater in Thailand 

The wedding is one of the biggest event of our life, and we all want it to be the most memorable moment, right? If you are planning to get married, why not take it to a whole new level and do it underwater in Trang Islands, Thailand? Read more.