[Immigration] Taiwan aims to woo ASEAN visitors with its new visa waiver programme

Taiwan’s trial visa waiver programme for 5 ASEAN Countries, including Brunei, may be extended pending a review by the Taiwanese government this august.
Since august 2016, Brunei along with Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia has obtained visa-free travel to Taiwan for up to 30 days.

The relaxation of visa rules has as purpose to promote people to people to exchange as part of Taiwan’s new southbound policy.
The New Southbound Policy currently grants visa-free travel to five ASEAN countries and simplified visa regulations for the other five, which are Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia and Vietnam.
The New Southbound Policy is an economic strategy that promotes bilateral cooperation with partner countries in areas of industry sector, cultural exchange, tourism, agricultural cooperation and talent exchange.

This purpose of this visa waiver is to boost visitors to come to Taiwan, one of the current flagship programmes under the New Southbound Policy.