Goodbye Saigon!

“Time flies when you live in Vietnam” is an understatement and before you realize it, it’s time to pack up and leave again.   

We have undergone the relocation of many friends over the past years so we know that leaving a comfortable life and cherished friendships can be a very stressful and overwhelming period for all.

When the assignment comes to an end, we are there to support you and facilitate a smooth closure of all your accounts, contracts and services so that you may enjoy, to the fullest, the precious time you have left in Ho Chi Minh City.

Departure Program Overview

Departure Needs Analysis 

  • On site pre-departure consultation
  • Comprehensive questionnaire detailing specific departure inquiries and needs

Departure Assistance and Support

  • Lease termination and exit walk through inspection and inventory
  • Dilapidation management with landlord (deterioration and property damages)
  • Refunds of deposits if applicable
  • Cancelation of utilities and final bill payments 
  • Closing of bank accounts
  • Cancelation of insurance contracts
  • Help in furniture resale if needed
  • Pack and Move management contacts and referrals
  • Pet relocation facilitation (export documents, vaccinations, transport referrals, etc.)
  • Booking temporary accommodation if needed
  • Any other departure assistance that may be required

Sendoff Assistance and Support

  • Flight confirmations (24 hours before)
  • Airport transfer
  • Any additional assistance needed on the day of departure

Keeping in Touch

  • Follow up consultation if needed*

* Consultation and support services are conducted by mail, telephone and/or skype.


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