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Corporate Expat Packages, Vietnam

Overseas assignments often go hand-in-hand with a substantial increase in responsibility. However, for the additional workload and inconvenience of moving your family abroad, certain benefits can be negotiated into your corporate expat package, which should make it a very worthwhile experience.

Studies have also shown that employees who have undertaken expat positions find it easier to climb the corporate ladder once they return.

The critical point to keep in mind is that in the end, your employer and you have the same goal; to move you in a manner that will ensure you, your spouse and your children (if applicable) are happy. You are then free to give your undivided attention to the job at hand.


Getting an expat corporate package deal that makes your transition overseas as stress-free as possible should be your endgame.

Looking at industry norms here are some things you should expect:

• Family and spouse assistance
• Travel expenses
• Temporary living arrangements
• Pre-move visit (to check out housing and schools)
• Moving remunerations
• Housing costs (in the new and old location) it may include the cost of breaking a lease
• Immigration assistance
• School Fees
• Cultural Training and Languages

When it comes to negotiating remember that it never hurts to ask, but don’t push too hard on non-essentials as it could blow the deal. Decide what your bottom line is, and everything over and above is a bonus.

Must Haves

Negotiating a pre-visit into your expat corporate package deal is a must; you can’t land in a new country having only online information in your arsenal. Going there prior to taking the assignment will all allow you to visit some schools, houses, hospitals and grocery stores and to take a tour of the different areas suitable for expats to live in. First-hand experience is essential, especially in less-stable countries where laws and currency value change regularly.

Cost of living in Vietnam information is essential, eating and shopping in local stores is usually peanuts, but if you like your home-comforts then you will usually find a hefty price tag, due to import taxes etc on what would normally be relatively cheap at home. Foods such as pasta, cheese and wine (depending on location of course) can sometimes be three or four times more expensive overseas.