Rent Furniture in Ho Chi Minh City

Need to rent furniture in Ho Chi Minh City? 

To make your moving-in easier, we offer you this new pack that you can order and have deliver before your arrival in your new home.

This kit enables you to rent for a short period the furniture you may need to be settle correctly until the time you find a more definitive solution.

It includes: 

Living Room Furniture

Your place to live, to spend time and have some rest, needs to fit your way of life. For this reason, we will provide you to enhance your living room: a sofa, a small table and a lamp.

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Bedroom Furniture

You will be able to rent all you need to be able to ret and sleep properly by providing you with: mattress, bed sheets, pillows and towels. 


Dining Room Furniture

This kit also includes all the furniture you need for your dining room, in order to have a nice place where you can eat and have good times with your family and friends. Therefore, you will be able to rent: a table, some chairs and a lamp. 

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Kitchen Utensils

As your kitchen is one of the most important place in your house, you will be able to rent kitchen utensils such as: mugs, pans, pot, kettle, platters, cutlery and a cutting board. 

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We can also make your arrival even easier and more confortable thanks to our welcoming and cleaning kit. 

Welcoming kit

A welcoming pack, which includes basic need products as well as products for a meal and a breakfast.Thanks to this pack you don't have to worry about what you are going to eat for your first meal in your new apartment. Everything has being taken care of for you. 

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Cleaning Kit 

A cleaning pack composed of basic supplies needed to have a clean home starting from day1.

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