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[Life in Cambodia] Cost of living

You plan to live in Cambodia and you're asking yourself about prices charged in Phnom Penh ? Relocation Vietnam is your friend in town and is happy to help you in your relocation. Read more

[Life in Cambodia] Investing in Cambodia: expatriates' property rights

In Cambodia, since 1993, all immovable property and land ownership have been strictly prohibited to foreigners. However, some legal adjustments are possible to allow this type of acquisition. Read more

[Life in Cambodia] The effervescence of casinos by the Chinese in Sihanoukville

According to the Cambodian government, the number of Chinese people living in Cambodia doubled in 2018 (210.000, only 100.000 in 2017). The most impacted city is Sihanoukville, also known as “Kampong Som”. Read more

[Business Talk] Pepper Bay - Excellent pepper production in Kampot

Pepper is the world most used spice in cuisine and it exists for millenniums. Indeed, in the middle ages, it was used as a trading system. Pepper is obtained from a creeper named Piper Nigrum and its quality depends on various factors, like climate, ground, sunshine and care. Read more

[Life in Cambodia] Without business permit, foreigners will be denied long-term visa

News circulated on August 2017 that foreigners without work permits would no longer be eligible for long-term visas after the turn of the month, a significant change in policy that could not be confirmed with immigration officials. Read more