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Companies establishment in South East Asia

The South East Asia market is changing and evolving. We've met regional managers from Rosemont, a company that helps companies to establish and develop in this area. Read more

Discover foie gras in Vietnam

As Christmas approaches, what could be better than to rediscover a traditional foi gras? We wanted to know a little more about the Vitu brand and the fabrication of its foie gras. Read more

How Vietnam tends to develop its tourism using sport

In June 2019, the National Assembly met for a session about tourism in Vietnam and shared their concern about the number of tourism products that Vietnam has to attract new tourists. Read more

Sports, a diplomatic and geopolitical issue in Asia

Globalization is the acceleration of the development of economic activity on an international scale. It is reflected in the increase in trade of all kinds. It is now the attractiveness of the territories and their competition that is at stake. From now on, sport is an essential element of a State's influence. Read more

Vietnam, a land of opportunity and a developing country

With a population of 95.5 million, Vietnam is now one of the developing countries. Since the 1980s, its development has only increased, both globally and locally.
Back in figures on a booming economy. Read more

Vietnam, new agricultural power? 

In 2018, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the agricultural sector represented 8.7% of the national economic growth. The government's objective is to make Vietnam one of the world's leading agricultural power. Focus on the Vietnamese agricultural exports. Read more

Rethink plastic consumption in Vietnam

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest issues in the world. In Vietnam, one speaks about "white pollution". Look at our highlight of some restaurants and coffees in Thao Dien that are acting for a limited plastic consumption. Read more


The Mid-Autum Festival is held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. Each year, since 2010, Saint-Honoré, a French bakery, revisits mooncakes, a pastry typically eaten at this period. Read more

My Relocation Asia

My Relocation Asia is a team of experienced expat consultants helping you from A to Z for your move and expatriation in South-East Asia. The team knows each other and works together for a long time. “For your expatriation, we work together” is the philosophy and the mission of My Relocation Asia’s team. Read more.

EuRA & Relocation Vietnam

For a few years now, we have been looking for a way to certify the quality of our relocation services. Read more

Les Saigonnaises 

 Les Saigonnaises is a young Vietnamese brand, created by two French women: Anne and Vanessa. Today, they offer you women's shoes combining fashion and innovation: shoes with an easy clip on some models from size 35 to 41 (finally we find these sizes!). Now you can quickly remove your sandals with an adjustable hook clip. Read more

Dive head first into Vietnam!

In addition to its incredibly rich culture, delicious cuisine with world famous national dishes, warm people and unparalleled natural beauty, Vietnam is a real paradise for divers. Bordered by the China Sea to the east, the Gulf of Tonkin to the north, and the Gulf of Thailand to the west, Vietnam has nearly 3,260 km of coastline, including those of islands or islets. Hot and shallow, Vietnam's waters are favourable to the development of coral, the home of hundreds of tropical species. In the 1990s, the practice of scuba diving developed strongly, and continues to do so thanks to the growth of tourism. Read more

Pepper Bay - Excellent pepper production in Kampot

Pepper is the spice the most used in cuisine in the world and it exists for millenniums. Indeed, in the middle ages, it was used as a bartering system. Pepper is obtained from a creeper named Piper Nigrum and its quality depends on various factors, like climate, ground, sunshine and care. Read more

"By Nature", the new concept for a healthy nutrition

That is the objective of this company specialized in food delivery. They propose wholefood and pantry items that are 100% clean and safe to consume. You can find greens, meat, seafood, vegetables and fruits which are all selected from partner farms. They want to support good nutrition, health and longevity. Read more

Chicken consumption in Vietnam

Not that long ago, common Vietnamese diets consisted mainly of rice and vegetables. Meat was eaten only on special occasions. Now, it is quite common to include meat in every meal of the day. The average Vietnamese person eats four times more meat now than she did 30 years ago. Meat has become an increasingly important part of Vietnamese consumers’ food practices. Read more

Interview with Jeremy from L’Arrangé

What is your favorite alcoholic drink ? Let us introduce you to arranged Rhum that you can savor. In Saigon this is not a very popular alcohol except maybe for a few cocktails such as Caipirinha or Mojito but definitely not to drink it by itself like if it was a good whisky. The owners of L’Arrangé, Nicolas and Jeremy are trying to bring this new rhum culture into Ho Chi Minh City. Read more

Interview with MASD – Make A Small Difference

Maybe you have already heard about MASD through different events such as the Bazaar from ISHCMC or the one at the European International School in Thao Dien and even through their own events such as their charity tennis tournament in the BP Compound. Read more

Interview with United Nations, International School of Hanoi

In 1988 UNIS Hanoi opened its doors for the first time with 12 students in the borrowed classroom of a local high school with a teacher on secondment from UNIS New York - Our first Head of School, Dr Alice Ann Winner. Today we welcome daily more than 1100 students to our purpose built campus with more than 60 nationalities and 40 mother tongue groups celebrated in our truly international school. Recognized by the government of Vietnam as a symbol of what is best in international education in the country and in the region, UNIS Hanoi is an outstanding place to work and go to school. Read more

Interview of Guillaume Nguyen, cardiologist at EMC 

We are a small clinic mainly specialized in cardiovascular disease and metabolic diseases, that is to say diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol disorders, dyslipidemia, thyroid, etc. Essentially, that, let's say, everything that is directly related to cardiology. Previously, we did other activities, more general medicine and ENT. Read more

Evolve Mobility, the latest startup launched in the Vietnamese exciting start up eco-system

If you believe that relocating to a new country is exciting and holds the promise of new adventure, then Evolve Mobility shares your belief. Evolve Mobility understands that your journey shapes how you evolve in your new country and into the scheme of your life. Read more

Cooptalis, a global mobility company, opens a branch in Vietnam

Cooptalis develops and supports international mobility projects for candidates and companies around the world. Undertaking the complete management of mobility projects, the company strives to respect and listen to the needs of new recruits, businesses and local administration. Read more

Interview of Jeanne Triol about Life Project for Life

At the heart of LP4Y lies a deep-seated concern with the catastrophic situation facing a growing number of excluded Youth worldwide. There are currently 1.2 billion Youth aged 15 to 24, 600 millions of whom are living below the poverty threshold. In 2025 their number will reach 1 billion... Read more

How to process with your pet relocation?

How can we prepare the trip of our animals ?
It’s really different between all countries. It’s different in Japan, in Europe, in USA, in Australia … But When you want to move your animals to Vietnam you have to prepare it 4 months before. If you are coming from Taiwan, Australia and Japan, you have to prepare it 6 months before. Moreover, you have to put... Read more

Managing a Vietnamese team: the need to understand the cultural differences in your work environment

Above the communication differences, managing a Vietnamese team requires to understand the company structure you’re working in. Aymeric PONS, General Director of ERAI Asia, talks about corporate culture in Vietnam and how it can impact international business... Read more

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