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Life in Vietnam - Travel during Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is one of the most expected event of the year for the Asian population. Indeed, for most Asian people Chinese New Year is the only holidays they can take during the year. We could compare it to Christmas for Western people as during this period. Indeed, the majority of the population goes back to its hometown in order to be reunited with its family. Read more

Life in Vietnam - Can we talk about a deglobalization of recycling ? 

The so-called developed countries export their plastic waste to Asia, which is more practical and less expensive than recycling it locally. While it was previously the first in the recycling market, China has decided since early 2018 to refuse the import of many types of waste. However, with its refusal, China initiated a growing opposition movement. More and more countries are now refusing to accept waste and are seeking to regulate the flow of imports. Read more

Life in Vietnam - The trauma of relocation

Moving is traumatic, especially when you've collected decades of memories and "stuff." In fact, more often than not, the thought of moving -- trying to figure out where to start - leaves many "paralyzed," putting off moving or even creating a plan until the move becomes much more of a problem than it really has to be. Read more

Life in Vietnam - Saigon Outcast in Thao Dien 

Saigon Outcast is an iconic space in Thao Dien. Hosting events from music festivals to local theatre, sports, barbecues and everything in-between, they create many events to enjoy a good time in family or with friends. Saigon Outcast has become one of the most important cultural spaces in Saigon. It is a place which encourages creative expression in all forms. Read more

Life in Vietnam - Driving in Vietnam

Driving in Asia is very different from driving in Europe or the United States, even more so in Cambodia and Vietnam is very different. Although the steering wheel is on the left like most European countries, you will sometimes drive on the left lanes to do what everyone else does. Read more

Life in Vietnam - Renting in Vietnam - Tenant or owner, who pays for what?

Searching and finding accommodation in Vietnam can be disconcerting and quickly discouraging for clients who do not know the cultural habits and the way of doing business. Read more

Life in Vietnam - Pet relocation process for Vietnam

Relocating pets to Vietnam safely is a major concern for all of our clients, doing all of the necessary legal paperwork and vaccines, upon arriving but most important is when you leave Vietnam. Read more

Life in Vietnam - Real estate investment in Vietnam by a foreign private individual

Acquiring land in Vietnam is a difficult process for foreigners.
First, the Vietnamese Civil Code of 2015 specifies that land ownership is the property of the entire people; thus no one is, in principle, in a position to acquire land ownership. The law only provides for the use of land, the duration and purpose of which are determined by the state through the issuance of a Land Use Right (LUR) certificate. Read more

Life in Vietnam - Saigon Flooding Problem

As I am sure you have seen these last few months, the flooding in Ho Chi Minh City have been happening more frequently and more abundantly. It is now more than ever a subject that concern people. We all know that this is the results of the high tide and the rain but do you really know why is it getting worse ? Read more

Life in Vietnam - The Moon Festival

The Mid-Autumn festival or Moon festival is a very important Chinese tradition celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar year. It is the day of the year where the full moon is the brightest and the most round. This festival represents family and gathering which is very important for the countries that celebrate it. It is also an occasion for the families to reunite after the harvest of the year. There are diverse versions of the legend of the moon festival. The most known one is the following: The story of Chang’e. Read more

Life in Vietnam - How to properly choose your health insurance?

There you are, comfortably set in your new residence, all boxes opened with its contents already on shelfs and you have found the right school for your children. You still need to choose a health insurance... Read more

Life in Vietnam - The main reason why global companies are struggling in Vietnam... 

There are diverse reasons why global companies are struggling in Vietnam and elsewhere in the world but one is above them all.
That reason is invisible, intangible but is everywhere at the same time and it is the one that impacts global companies the most. The worse is that most of the global companies are not aware of it. So they are keeping on making the same mistakes resulting in costly consequences and not tackling the roots of the problem, allowing it to hit them again and again... Read more

Life in Vietnam - How to discover Saigon in an unusual and interactive way?

Would you like to discover Saigon in an unusual and interactive way? Once you have settled in your new home and have started to get used to your new environment, you can finally find some time to discover the city... Read more

Life in Vietnam - Managing a Vietnamese team: the need to understand the cultural differences 

Above the communication differences, managing a Vietnamese team requires to understand the company structure you’re working in. Aymeric PONS, General Director of ERAI Asia, talks about corporate culture in Vietnam and how it can impact international business. Read more

Life in Vietnam - Stay in Saigon during Tết

Tết or Vietnamese Lunar New Year occurs annually in accordance with the Lunar Calendar. In 2020, Tết is on the 25th January and the official holiday period runs from 24th January to 26th January. The lead up to the New Year will be very festive, but during the actual holiday period, the atmosphere in the country will completely change and especially in Saigon. As a visitor, if you are not prepared, staying in Saigon might turn out a huge disappointment! Read more

Life in Vietnam - Best trails and marathons in Vietnam

Are you headed to Vietnam? You'll want to make sure you get in your daily jog. While not exactly known as a runner's paradise, there are plenty of trails to be followed and mountains to be scaled once you escape places like Ho Chi Minh City or staying there while doing marathons. Read more