Why US

Integrity is a key word in our profession. We are by your side to listen to your requests and concerns and we strive to meet your expectations in a completely transparent and impartial way, with no hidden agenda.

We know exactly what your expectations are, since we were in a similar sitation  to you once too. 

Expats assisting Expats

We take pride in providing :

  • Relocation Vietnam services that are designed and performed exclusively, from beginning to end, by a team of qualified expat consultants who understand the complications involved in integrating into a new community, lifestyle and culture. 
  • Programs specifically adapted to the genuine needs and interests of an individual, couple or family.

Our team, your friends in town

“Your friend in town” is not just a marketing slogan it is our philosophy, our mission and defines who we really are . Through the uncertain and stressful times of a new overseas assignment, we are committed to being that special person you can rely on for precious advice and genuine support. At first glance this may seem ambitious but in reality the majority of our assignees do become our friends.

We are 5 expat relocation consultants and 1 specialist of immigration, from very different backgrounds, who were first colleagues, then friends and who later became partners with mutual passions, shared values and complementary strengths.

Our common passions: Assisting others and a job well done. 

 Our core values: Integrity, reliability and efficiency.

 The desire to work in the relocation sector and to cater exclusively to expatriates originated from the many difficulties we ourselves faced when first arriving in Ho Chi Minh City. Since then, we have cultivated our knowledge and we have developed an extensive network throughout Vietnam. We have established an exclusive team of expat consultants who are actively supported by a first-rate crew of Vietnamese professionals for logistics and all administrative procedures.

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Stéphanie Ralu 

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Emma Paterson

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Our Partners

Our partners are chosen objectively, focusing on your needs, working within your budget. Click on the logos to learn more about each partner ! 

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